Our Artists and Poets in Residence

Our criminal system’s ability to accomplish mass human caging depends on ignoring and erasing the stories of people who are directly impacted by this injustice. Art, however, has the power to resensitize us to this brutality, making the voices of incarcerated people impossible to ignore.

Artists, poets, musicians, and other creatives share today’s stories, shine a light on the past, and imagine new futures. Civil Rights Corps is proud to partner with artists whose work urgently confronts the subject matter of our civil rights work.

Since 2019, Civil Rights Corps has selected cohorts of artists to participate in our Poet- and Artist-in-Residence program. They each produce vital and vivid works that communicate the humanity of directly impacted people and sheds light on the toll the unjust practices in the criminal system take on the bodies and minds of directly impacted people, their loved ones, and our communities.

Meet our Artists and Poets in Residence and experience their work below.

Current Artists in Residence

Artists in Residence Alum