Thea Sebastian (She/Her)

Director of Policy

Thea is the Director of Policy for Civil Rights Corps. In this role, she oversees a range of initiatives that include policy changes both to end systemic criminal-legal injustice and to build a new, non-carceral paradigm for community safety. This work includes legislative engagement at the local, state, and federal levels; the development of policy resources, proposals, and model legislation; and policy support to movement organizations. 

Prior to joining CRC, Thea worked primarily on social and educational policy, particularly issues relating to economic mobility, educational equity, and social enterprise. Immediately before joining Civil Rights Corps, she served as Associate General Counsel for Mayor Muriel Bowser. She also has experience teaching, including two years as a special educator in the South Bronx, and providing policy analysis / advice on political campaigns.

A graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University, and Harvard Law School, Thea currently serves as one of 30 members of the Harvard University Board of Overseers. In her free time, she is passionate about creative writing, yoga, protecting voting rights, Indian food, rom coms, and never being forced to learn home repairs.

“As a classroom teacher, I saw each day the toll taken by our misplaced priorities—our over-investment in criminal-legal structures and our underinvestment in the health, education, housing, and other items that actually keep people safe. I do this work to change these priorities, making a society that can truly give every kid an equal shot to thrive.”