Securing Racial & Economic Justice

As an organization working to dismantle systems of wealth-based detention, human caging, and other forms of criminal-legal injustice, Civil Rights Corps has always been committed to the larger vision of securing racial and economic justice. Our policy team works to  build the policy ideas, connective spaces, and narrative strategies to secure racial and economic justice, as well as to support movements that are fighting for these ends.

Through partnerships with organizations and advocates focused on labor, youth, education, anti-racism, climate justice, protecting immigrant communities, public health, and much more, we are working to break down silos between these interconnected issue-areas, creating solidarity and amplifying our collective voices. 

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The following campaigns represent a sampling of our Dismantling Criminal-Legal Injustice Project initiatives. Please contact us for additional information, questions, or a summary of campaigns not listed here.


This visionary bill framework—developed following the protests over George Floyd—divests our taxpayer dollars from brutal and discriminatory policing while investing in a new, life-affirming vision of public safety. It is a vision that answers the call to help communities finally BREATHE free.


Vision for Justice Campaign

The Harris County Community Safety Agenda: Budget Workshops. The Harris County Community Safety Agenda is a local project that Civil Rights Corps is currently supporting—a project designed to support the Texas Jail Project and other Harris County partners while they build a proactive, cross-sectoral vision for how Harris County, Texas can keep its residents safe. The project brings together a collective of advocates from varied spaces—from health, housing, and economic justice to education, criminal-legal policy change, and climate justice—around a shared Agenda that knits these wide-ranging investments through a safety lens. As an initial project of the Community Safety Agenda, Texas Jail Project and  Texas Civil Rights Project are hosting a series of budget workshops, designed to help local advocates advance a people-centered budget in Harris County. 


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  • See here for an overview of the Budget Workshop
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The following information represents a sampling of our Securing Racial & Economic Justice initiatives. Please contact us for additional information, questions, or a summary of campaigns not listed here.


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