Savannah Baker (She/Her)

Investigative Fellow

Savannah is an Investigative Fellow at the Civil Rights Corps. The core of Savannah’s work focuses on challenging money bail and prosecutorial/police accountability. However, Savannah has provided litigation support on a number of CRC’s cases including challenging debtors’ prisons and addressing COVID-19 in jails. 

Prior to joining CRC, Savannah assisted in the policy efforts of ReprieveUK, working toward the abolition of the death penalty internationally while also holding the government accountable for their complicity in torture and rendition. Savannah has also served as a summer fellow at EmancipateNC, an organization that supports North Carolina’s people as they free themselves from mass incarceration and structural racism. Savannah currently serves as the board chair of EmancipateNC. 

A recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Savannah was an honors laureate with a major in Political Science and Philosophy. She had a minor in Social and Economic Justice. At UNC, Savannah was the Co-Chair of CJAA (Criminal Justice Awareness and Action) where she spearheaded a court watching program in Orange county with the assistance of the ACLU. In her free time she is watching Insecure on HBO and listening to Beyonce.

“I do this work because no one is free until we are all free. I’m trying to liberate my community.”