Sarah Wattar

Strategic Initiatives Fellow

Sarah Wattar is a Strategic Initiatives Fellow at Civil Rights Corps where she investigates family separation through incarceration and family policing where corporate greed has cost impacted families and taxpayers billions of dollars. Sarah is a central part of the teams working to support changes like mandating in-person visitation at all jails and prisons and protecting court openness. 

Sarah graduated from Illinois State University with a dual-degree in English and Secondary Education, and then she taught Language & Literature at International Baccalaureate schools around the world. She lived and taught for three years in Abu Dhabi,UAE, two years in Lisbon,Portugal, and a year in Hanoi, Vietnam. Sarah has traveled to nearly 50 countries and enjoys dancing, yoga, and nature in her free time. 

Sarah then decided to shift from teaching and completed a Master’s in Global Public Policy for which she spent one semester at New York University and one semester at University College London. Her Capstone project was to conduct a case study in Ghana alongside a local organization where she surveyed hundreds of girls in both urban and rural schools as well as parents and teachers to understand patterns in family dynamics and environment that influence a child’s success as they age. Sarah is a first generation Syrian-American and her family has been impacted by the US oppressive systems in multiple ways her whole life.These experiences shape Sarah’s perspective significantly in her role at Civil Rights Corps. 


“I believe oppressive systems thrive on people’s fears of others, and so I believe practicing love and empathy is key to unraveling the unchecked power of capitalism and fascism.”