Sam Washington (They/Them)

Policy Associate

Sam supports the policy team in designing and advocating for policies that decarcerate the U.S. criminal-legal system, deconstruct systemic racism, and support movement organizers.  

Sam is interested in broadening our understanding of public safety to emphasize holistic supports that allow individuals and families to thrive without the threat of police or prisons. They are passionate about CRC’s community-based approach to policy making and are committed to making changes that improve lives in the present, while building towards a more liberated future. 

Sam previously worked as a research assistant at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities where they focused on Federal budget and tax issues from an anti-racist and anti-poverty lens. Sam is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Outside of work, Sam can be found on a meandering walk through DC or reading a comic under a tree. 

I believe in a world where we keep us safe. I also believe that a more equitable distribution of resources and ending the threat of police and prisons are the foundation of that world.”