Ruby Yearling (She/Her)

Litigation Support Fellow

Ruby Yearling is a Litigation Support Fellow at CRC where she works on issues involving bail, pretrial detention, probation, and policing. She focuses on challenging the ways in which the criminal legal system functions to control, surveille, and punish people. She works on cases throughout the country, including California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and D.C.

Ruby joins CRC with experience working as a law clerk at the Law Offices of John Burris, a nationally renowned civil rights law firm representing victims of police violence. Prior to this, she worked at the American Friends Service Committee on decarceration strategy projects and at the Supreme Court of Ohio on pretrial research. Ruby was also a teaching assistant for an upper-level sociology course at the University of Michigan about restorative justice, prison reform, and abolition. 

Ruby attended the University of Michigan. Her thesis, Investing in Violence: A Quantitative Analysis of Police Reform in California, was recognized with high honors and found that investing money into policing in the name of “reform” does not correlate to a reduction in police violence. She is originally from Granville, Ohio. 


“Communities deserve safety. The prison industrial complex, in all of its forms, is a generator of violence. I do this work because I know that incarceration and policing will never keep us safe. When communities have what they need to thrive–housing, food stability, healthcare, education, economic security–we are all better off.”