Quinita Ennis (She/Her)

Operations Manager

Quinita Ennis (“Q”) is the Operations Manager at Civil Rights Corps. As an integral team member at CRC for six years, she plays a crucial role in managing the day-to-day operations, ensuring the success and sustainability of the organization. She provides essential support to all CRC departments, contributing to the smooth functioning of the organization.

What sets Q apart is her firsthand experience with the criminal legal system as a directly impacted person. This personal experience has fueled her strong commitment to ending the criminalization of poverty, making her a passionate advocate for change. 

In addition to her role as Operations Manager, Q also manages CRC’s “Artists In Residence” program. Her wisdom and compassion have been instrumental in guiding four cohorts of artists, enabling them to collaborate effectively with CRC staff. Together, they develop brilliant visual, written, and spoken projects that serve to enlighten the community about the impact of CRC’s work. Through these projects, they aim to shift the narrative on how our most vulnerable communities are perceived and treated.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Q finds life balance in the joy of raising her two children and grandchild. Spending days at the park, evenings devoted to homework and plenty of creative playtime, Q cherishes the time she spends with her loved ones creating lasting memories.