Milica Bogetic

Board Member

Milica Bogetić is an Investigator with the Federal Public Defender for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Previously, Milica served as an Investigator at the Nashville Defenders, the Legal Aid Society (New York City), and the Public Defender Service (Washington, DC). Milica earned a Masters in Labor Studies from the City University of New York; her final project was a qualitative study based on interviews examining investigators' emotional labor at a partially unionized public defender organization. She earned her BA with honors in history and cultural studies from Franklin University Switzerland (Lugano, CH); her thesis focused on visual representations of constitutional documents in the "long" 19th century. She is a core organizer of the Bukit Bail Fund, an abolitionist community bail fund (part of the National Bail Fund Network). In her free time she organizes experimental music shows. Milica loves and believes in: animals, black bloc, poetry, puppets, and queer liberation. Another world is possible.