Micah Clark Moody (she/her)

Litigation Support Fellow

Micah is a litigation support fellow at Civil Rights Corps where she works on projects challenging money bail and exposing police abuse.

Micah joined Civil Rights Corp after serving as a paralegal intern at Lawndale Christian Legal Center in Chicago where she investigated abusive police officers. As a paralegal, Micah also wrote mitigation letters asking prosecutors to drop charges by documenting the network of loving relationships around people being criminalized and supported legal defense by managing evidence. Micah also worked as an intern at the Legal Aid Society of Columbus Ohio and as a Pretrial Research intern at the Supreme Court of Ohio. 

Micah graduated from University of Chicago with a Masters in Sociology. Her research focused on the abolition of money bail in Illinois, unintended consequences of policy changes, and the centrality of local organizing to implement reform. Micah graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Chicago with an undergraduate degree in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. Her thesis explored how high school students in a predominantly White suburb who participated in 2020 racial justice protests think about the police, legal system, and movement for Black lives. In her free time, Micah loves biking to local coffee shops and being on nature trails.

I believe everyone is beloved. Creating freedom, safety, and justice requires moving our resources from policing, hurting, and caging people to meeting people’s needs.