Marco Lopez (he/him)

Senior Attorney
Marco works to stop state and local governments (and the occasional private company) from jailing people for lack of money. He spends a lot of time trying to convince federal courts that they can do something about this. In New Orleans, for instance, he and others helped their clients win a federal judgment against local judges who jailed people for being unable to pay fines and fees and who used the money they collected on those debts to fund their own court budget.
Before helping to found CRC, Marco worked at Equal Justice Under Law, where he worked on lawsuits challenging debtors’ prisons and unconstitutional bail systems around the country. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a master’s degree from Princeton University, both in Philosophy, as well as a JD from Harvard Law School, where he was an Articles Co-Chair of the Harvard Law Review and a reliable eater of junk food. A son of California, Marco enjoys swimming outdoors, studying large-scale catastrophes, making fun of cats in their presence, and other good or interesting things.