Leo Laurenceau (he/him)

Senior Attorney

Leo is a Senior Attorney at Civil Rights Corps whose work focuses on dismantling systems that criminalize poverty and unjustly target people of color. 

Prior to joining CRC Leo worked at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Florida, litigating class action cases aimed at shrinking the prison-industrial complex. He worked closely with impacted individuals in both the adult and juvenile legal systems, challenging the use of solitary confinement in Florida’s juvenile detention centers and prisons. Additionally he worked on cases challenging Louisiana’s severely underfunded indigent defense system and the Florida Department of Corrections refusal to fully release its COVID-19 policies at the outset of the pandemic. He has also worked as an assistant public defender in his home city of Miami, defending indigent clients across misdemeanor, juvenile, and felony court. 

Leo holds bachelor degrees in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Florida. He is a graduate of NYU School of Law, where he served as Student Senator and was a student attorney in the Criminal and Community Defense Clinic. He enjoys playing video games, going to theme parks, and debating whether comic book movies should be considered cinema (they should). 

“I do this work because no matter who you are or what you look like, we are all better than the worst thing we’ve done and deserve to live a life free of brutality.”