Leaders in landmark litigation and high-impact advocacy that empowers communities to change the unjust legal system.

Who We Are

Civil Rights Corps is a non-profit organization dedicated to challenging systemic injustice in the United States’ legal system–a system that is built on white supremacy and economic inequality.

We work to shift power to community-led movements, particularly those led by Black and Brown people who are most affected by this legal system, so they can build sufficient power to create structural change.

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It’s Time to Dismantle the Criminal Punishment System


We bring innovative legal challenges around the country. We provide grants and technical assistance to support grassroots local movements. We partner with policymakers and advocates to build support for an approach to public safety rooted in care, not punishment. Read more about our work to challenge money bail, end the criminalization of poverty, and hold the system accountable.

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Policy Resources

We work with individuals accused and convicted of crimes, their families and communities, people currently or formerly incarcerated, activists, organizers, judges, and government officials to challenge mass human caging, to create a legal system that promotes equality and human freedom, and to dismantle white supremacy.

Civil Rights Corps engages in advocacy and public education and specializes in innovative, systemic civil rights litigation with the goal of re-sensitizing the legal system and our culture to the injustice and brutality that characterize the contemporary U.S. legal system.

We work to advance equality and human freedom.

Read the latest updates, litigation developments, and news from our partners around the country.

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Our Artists and Poets in Residence

Art drives social justice movements forward. Artists, poets, musicians, and other creatives share today’s stories, shine a light on the past, and imagine new futures. Civil Rights Corps is proud to partner with artists whose work confronts our civil rights work.

The criminal system functions in part by erasing the humanity of the people directly impacted by its injustice. Art has the power to resensitize us to this brutality, making the voices of incarcerated people impossible to ignore.

Art has the power to help us take notice and take action. Meet our Artists In Residence and experience their moving work.