Erin Cloud (She/Her)

Senior Attorney

Erin is a Senior Attorney with Civil Rights Corps, where she focuses on litigation and advocacy challenging family separation by carceral systems such as the family regulation and the criminal legal systems. 

Erin  comes to CRC, after founding Movement for Family Power, an organization that works to end the policing and punishment of families by the family regulation system.  Prior to starting that organization she was a public defender in the Bronx, and a teacher in Baltimore.  

She has over a decade of experience fighting carceral systems, and has taught a holistic defense clinic at Columbia University and Critical Race Theory at CUNY School of Law.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Dance from Emory University and a law degree from Fordham University School of Law.  Her writing can be found in  the CUNY Law Review, The Abolitionist Newspaper  by Critical Resistance,  and Barnard Center for Research on Women.  She also is a mother of two amazing children. 


I want to be a part of a world that centers humanity and genuinely cares for Black people.  In order to get to this world, we must abolish all forms of coercive family separation tactics and end policing in all its forms.