Cole Lautermilch (He/Him)

Investigative Fellow

Cole is an investigator primarily working on litigation challenges to money bail systems in Texas and prosecutorial misconduct in New Orleans.

Prior to joining Civil Rights Corps, Cole worked as a Paralegal at the Federal Public Defender for the District of Columbia. While there, he conducted numerous open-source and field investigations both domestically and internationally. His work assisted with motion and appellate practices, trial preparation, trial, sentencing, and capital case review.

Cole completed a Master’s degree with Distinction in Social Development Practice at University College London, where his dissertation focused on police searches, state violence, and citizenship. He also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, preparing an honors thesis on community experiences of gentrification in DC. When he is not working, Cole enjoys reading, cooking, exploring cities, and playing clawhammer banjo or ukulele. 

“People should have the right to make decisions about the kind of community in which they want to live. The criminal legal system undermines that right.”