Oregon: State-wide Bail


Metropolitan Public Defenders  

In partnership with the Metropolitan Public Defenders in Portland, Oregon, Civil Rights Corps is challenging Oregon’s longstanding practices of jailing people charged with misdemeanors prior to trial and jailing people charged with other crimes without constitutionally required due process.

Our clients are locked in a cage because they cannot afford the money required for their freedom. Some are charged only with misdemeanors, and so jailing them violates Oregon law, which allows jailing only for people charged with violent felonies. Others are charged with violent felonies, but have not been provided with constitutionally adequate hearings.

Unfortunately, Oregon detains thousands like of people like our clients every day: people charged with misdemeanors who simply cannot afford to purchase their way out of jail, and people who detained only because they cannot pay money without adequate due process.

We are asking the Oregon State Supreme Court and the United States District Court in Oregon to consider our clients’ cases and order them freed from jail.

Filings: Writ of Habeas Corpus Petition
Memo: Writ of Habeas Corpus