New Orleans, LA: Misconduct


ACLU, ACLU of Louisiana, Venable LLP

Our lawsuit seeks to end the unconstitutional deception and jailing of crime victims and witnesses by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. The lawsuit exposes District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s scheme of fabricating subpoenas to coerce crime victims and witnesses of crimes into submitting to private out-of-court interrogations; illegal attempts to coerce untruthful testimony; and office-wide practice of presenting fraudulent information in court to persuade judges to issue arrest warrants. Civil Rights Corps, with our partners at the ACLU and the ACLU of Louisiana, filed a lawsuit in federal court against District Attorney Cannizzaro and ten assistant district attorneys. 

Filings: Settlement Agreement
Second Amended Complaint
Ruling on Motion to Dismiss
Amicus Brief: Former Prosecutors
Opinion: 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
Motion For Summary
Memorandum In Opposition To Motion For Summary
Plantiff's Response To Statement